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Yet, people did it routinely, day in and day out. What this implies is that reading itself—the basic act of parsing letters on a page to manifest some kind of meaning—required the active exercise of the imagination. Exactly how active, though? This was a matter for intense debate.

There was no more precious principle in Protestant Europe than that of the lay reading of Scripture. But at a time of rampant religious radicalism, readers could claim warrant for all kinds of beliefs and actions in terms of experiences they had undergone when alone and face-to-face with Scripture under lamplight.

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The most prevalent criticism of such claims was that they were the product of reading with a poorly controlled imagination. All readers must indeed respond actively to the page, but they must at the same time take great care that their responses be disciplined, ruly, moderate.

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Learning to identify such readings was a central part of being a good Christian subject. The question of how to read in semi-darkness—or, to put it another way, the question of how to recognize that what one has produced is indeed a reading —is therefore a pivotal one. Which in turn means that our own reading practices ought to be understood in terms of an environmental history.

What if we ask the computer not only to reproduce the different degradations to which letters were prone, but to attempt its own reading?

Familiar Rooms In Darkness

For it is notorious among historians of the period that computers are inept when it comes to decoding black-letter. Optical Character Recognition algorithms have been used now to produce machine-searchable texts for many seventeenth-century books. They can be very error-prone, but, in our counterpart of dark reading, they are basically parsable if you know what kinds of errors the algorithms typically make.

We could have written There seems to be some sort of message scrawled in the sawdust on the floor. You could easily disturb something! See the "message" object, below.

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  6. You can just distinguish the words No light producing technologies are allowed in the dining room, including flashlights, cellphones, or luminous watches. Dark Table is owned by Moe Alameddine, founder of O. The blind dining concept originated in Switzerland in the home of a blind man—Jorge Spielmann—who blindfolded his guests in an attempt to show them what eating is like for a blind person.

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