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They are often even dissatisfied with the size of their fortunes. So just in case you occasionally fall into the trap of imagining that the quality of your life might improve with an injection of billions, here are 10 clear reasons why you might not be better off if you were a Billionaire. It would seem that the only people who worry more about money than the poor are the extraordinarily rich.

The anxieties only multiply with the zeroes. Billionaires confide they feel their relationships have been altered by, and have in some cases become contingent on, their wealth. Especially if you have inherited your fortune, many people will despise or envy you. I know many of us dream of never having to work, but a life without work can easily become one of aimlessness. Advancing along a professional or entrepreneurial path is how we often measure our own success.

Without work, it can be hard to assess whether your time has been well spent. Imagine a world where all your material gifts were measured by their cost. The synopsis of this book reads like something I special ordered for myself. A NAVY SEAL who prefers combat to the treacherous terrain of a boardroom, the country girl determined to fight for what she wants in enemy territory and all that blistering passion between them? Heck, yes! Wealth, danger and passion?

The Tate Brothers: The Dangerous Billionaire by Jackie Ashenden (2017, Paperback)

Just what the doctor ordered. With their foster father's death, the Tate brothers have to step up and take on the empire he left behind, much to their chagrin. All military men, they prefer The synopsis of this book reads like something I special ordered for myself. All military men, they prefer to be in the thick of battle than to cool their heels in an office, but their responsibilities to the Tate empire are ironclad. First up is Van. He always knew he was being groomed to be the heir to everything but his father's will revealed one more task: to keep his foster sister Chloe safe.

The best way to do so is to keep her with him and he's not willing to entertain her reservations.

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But Chloe is all grown up and very gorgeous, knocking him off his game in a big way. Chloe has worked all her life to earn the right to her father's ranch but to her surprise, he left everything to her foster brother in his will. Chloe is determined to brave the city to get what she worked for.

But the Van she meets is a different man from the one she grew up crushing on. Van has become even more attractive and hardened by his experiences, but the chemistry between them is still there and growing by the minute. Their father's death has opened up a can of secrets, danger and betrayals and could destroy them if not handed carefully but Van and Chloe can't seem to get on the same page. Chloe discounts the threat to her, to her detriment and Van is consumed by his guilt over not being the perfect son his father wanted, putting both of them at risk.

One thing Ms. Ashenden knows how do in spades is write sizzling hot chemistry between her characters, with enough heat to melt your e-reader and Van and Chloe had it! In my opinion, Chloe could have made better choices if Van hadn't treated her like a child who didn't know what was good for her and Van needed to loosen up a little bit. But the heat between them? Totally made up for the stupid decisions they made: I had a few reservations about some reservations about the characters and some bits of the story, but for the most part I enjoyed it.

I would have loved more interaction between the brothers, but I have that to look forward to in the next book. Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine. Want more? Subscribe to my Newsletter on The Sassy Bookster. Like my page on Facebook.

Sullivan aka Van, is a man who wants to protect the innocent and defend those who can not defend themselves.

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This is the reason why he left his father's world of corporate movers and shakers. He no longer wants the heir apparent role to run his father's large conglomerate. He does not seek his father's approval that will never materialize. Now that his father is dead, the chance for his father's approval is zilch. The conflicts story in this story are messy and emotional.

At the heart of it, a selfish man messes up his three adopted sons and his daughter. His death only makes matters more complicated and it seems as if the apology from the grave is more a backhanded compliment rather than a sincere regret. Van's father is a jerk. The way he treated his kids shows a man focused on money and his legacy rather than shared memories with children who idolized him.

Neglect is a form of abuse.

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It may not show on the outside, but it certainly hurts on the inside. This is never more evident than in Van's sister, Chloe. Chloe is the flesh and blood of Van's adoptive father and she's experienced more disappointment and broken promises from their father. His callous exclusion of her from his attention and affection is painful to learn about. After the death of her father, the truth comes out and it all becomes clear. The shocking news about her past makes her question everything.

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Who does she trust and is she really wanted? I liked Chloe and I felt bad for her. She is dealt a raw deal and the men in her life are arrogant domineering jerks. Van may not be a complete jerk, but he is certainly domineering. I didn't like Van. I felt for his situation and understood why he does what he does. I just didn't like how he treated Chloe and I don't think he is right for her.

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  8. His actions do not really match up with his declarations. His pushy agendas and willful ignorance of Chloe's dreams and hopes bothers me. The sex between them is lackluster for me because it feels like it is just Van scratching an itch, finally tasting his forbidden fruit. Chloe's heart will be broken by this man whose dreams and plans are nowhere near hers. This is why the book is just okay for me. I did not believe in the chemistry between the two and I do not like Van.

    Van may have used his "alpha" personality to do a bit of dominating in the bedroom. I would say this worked only because Chloe is a young 25 year old with close to zero experience in the bedroom. Van's quite experienced so it is an unfair advantage for him. Fortunately he is not a selfish lover and works to pleasure Chloe. The story pace moves in a nice even canter. The subplots help move the story along. There are a couple of set ups for future books as Van's two brothers received letters post death from their father too. The details are not revealed but it is clear the brothers do not like what they read.


    The issue left for Van to solve places him in a pickle and only hurts Chloe. Which ones again makes me feel badly for Chloe. She is constantly getting the short end of the stick.

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    Overall this is a rough romance between an alpha male and an independent female. The ending is a bit of a hook to the next book in the series. May 02, Laura rated it really liked it. Let's just be real. You are here because of the story, the blurb is intriguing If that isn't one of the things that got you here, turn right back around because this book is exactly what you expect.

    It's hot, he's rich, he's super alpha, capable of leaping buildings in a single bound wait, he was going down the building, but nevermind that detail, the meaning is there and really into his woman.

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    Although, it does take him a bit to admit that to himself. Van and Chloe are great for one another. I loved the slightly forbidden aspect of them being pseudo siblings as he is her foster brother, but really, the connection is far enough removed that no one, but Van when he is trying to protect her, is going to care all that much. You get what you are expecting with this book, a fun, hot sexy ride with a couple of characters you enjoy and who steam up the pages with their sexy times.

    This is not my first book by this author, but it is definitely one of my favorites.