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Our mission is to make you smarter, happier, and richer through real estate investing. We educate and empower investors to make great decisions and achieve success - from those just starting out to seasoned pros with decades of experience.

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Get Started Investing You can do it. Resources to help you on your way. Get Access to the motley fool's latest stock picks SA. Lower Volatility. Stock Advisor. Our 10 timely buys chosen from over stocks. Did you also know that your LinkedIn profile often ranks well in search results on Google when people search your name.

Therefore, you must master this platform if you care about the success of your business.

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Now, a CRM does not need to be some expensive software. It can be a google or Microsoft excel sheet. However, if you are buying lots of leads, then having a more sophisticated CRM that integrates with your lead generation will be worth the investment. Bottom Line: Your real estate business is your database.

The size and quality of it will determine your success. Relationships ARE. Invest time and money into mastering the growth and nurturing of your database. Next time you hang out with your friends and relatives, ask for referrals. Now, there are good ways to ask for referrals, and there are bad ways.

New Real Estate Professionals often make their first few deals from referrals.

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Seasoned Real Estate Professionals make a consistent living from referrals. Real Estate Professionals who want to slow down make great passive income from referrals. Bottom Line: you will not get referrals if you do not ask for referrals. Just do it. The best way to convert your list into clients is to create a drip campaign and offer something valuable for them. Therefore, Implementing an email marketing strategy is an absolute necessity in We recommend MailChimp or GetResponse as they are competitively priced and most easy to use.

Yes, you heard us right, Pinterest can be a great source of generating new business in your local area. The thing about Pinterest is that not many people know how to tap into their ecosystem to get direct results. Users can post a question for any topic and the quora experts are there to help. Many Real Estate Professionals and other business professionals found massive success by actively participating on Quora.

Context: Quora answers also rank well on Google. Therefore, when you answer more questions and help more people on Quora:. Bottom Line: Give Quora a try and post consistently because the law of giving applies: give more, get more. Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms in the world with over million users. However, it is often overlooked by real estate agents as a channel that can help generate new clients.

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  • Prerequisite: You have a Twitter account. Think there is a correlation between the first 3 points and the last one?

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    You bet! Solution : Use an excel sheet to keep track of your marketing spending throughout the year.

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    Launching a podcast focusing on your community allows you to gain followers especially if you are consistent with it. If you are serious about working with a lot of buyers, you will want to generate buyer leads. Fortunately, these leads are much easier to generate than seller leads. Therefore, we recommend you invest your time and effort in creating a customized home buyers guide for your area. Unlike Zillow and Trulia who already have a general home buyers guide on their site, your e-book should focus on your local market.

    How do you make it look good? You can hire an e-book designer from Upwork to compile your content. Another great tool to design and publish your E-book without learning any new skill is Microsoft Powerpoint. Local radio is proven to be a great tool for getting new clients, particularly in suburban areas. The local radio stations have a loyal following in such places. When you are advertising with your local radio station make sure that you choose a time slot when people are likely to listen.

    Morning rush hours and evening rush hours are often priced more…for a reason. Also, if the local station has a popular show you can ask them if you can feature yourself there. How do you know if it is? Try saying to it friends and family ONCE and see if they can remember it. Facebook Videos is emerging as an incredible marketing channel for the real estate industry.

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    You need to upload the video file directly to Facebook. Upload the same video to BOTH channels. Fun Fact: Parkbench. Hosting an event in your area allows people in the community see you as a leader. When you organize an event, you have a great reason to connect with lots of people and build relationships with them. Upon completing the event, you have ammo that you can use at your listing presentation to separate yourself from your competition. Yes, putting on an event is a lot of work, however, you will love the results. To make things easier, try to collaborate with other businesses and community groups in your area.

    Many top Real Estate Professionals work with multiple listings a week. Sometimes they want another Real Estate Professional in their office to host their open house. Look for these opportunities and try to host these open houses. Local blogs and newspapers often have a niche but loyal following. You should make a list of all the blogs and relevant news publishers in your neighborhood. Try to approach them for a guest article.

    You can write about the real estate forecast for the year or some other related topic.