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Also, note that this list of character traits is not exhaustive. A mother who consistently ignores your stated boundaries, withholds love, or invalidates your feelings in any way, displays toxic traits, and these may manifest in more ways than those stated here. Does, "Nothing is ever good enough for Mom" ring true for you? This often goes not only for you but most people and things in her life. She is perpetually disapproving and a perfectionist, as things seem to meet her exacting standards seldom.

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Your inner critic probably sounds just like her! As a child, you are likely to have been criticized often and severely. Controlling tendencies sometimes accompany the Constantly Critical mom's behavior. She often has a strong, even overpowering personality with leadership qualities. However, she probably still issues you with instructions on how to behave, what to wear, and what to do, even when it's completely age-inappropriate.

She also opines on many aspects of your life and considers herself an expert on these, despite well-evidenced protestations. Her tone of voice is often all it takes to either paralyze you or galvanize you into automatic action whenever you visit! This mother is probably used to getting her way with people so that she could display controlling behavior in most relationships. All these behavioral traits are inherently manipulative, but some mothers display alarming skills in the dark art of negative manipulation.

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She actively works to make you feel guilty or responsible for her bad behavior, often when she cannot have her way. She is likely to be an expert at honing in on your emotional weak spots or 'buttons' like a heat-seeking missile and can play masterfully with your emotions. After all, she knows you very well. Do you, for instance, find that despite your best intentions to the contrary, you sometimes just react in response to something she says or does? That's very probably the Manipulator pulling your strings. She can also, indirectly or directly, blame you for her problems, or hold you accountable for her failures in life.

This can be subtle or quite brutally direct.

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This mother will regularly make negative comments or jokes about you in front of family and your friends, without regard for how her words may affect you. This trait is related to those above when you are being belittled or criticized for expressing unhappiness with the way you are being treated, or for expressing any negative emotion towards her. In particular, expressing anger towards her is not allowed, or punished with severe passive aggression. You may even be criticized for feeling bad, irrespective of the reason.

All of this is likely to result in making you feel that you had better not share any negative feelings with her. Source: flickr. Passive aggression can be defined as, "non-verbal aggression that manifests in negative behavior. The toxic mother doesn't respond well to confrontation and tends to avoid emotional intimacy at all costs. She is often also a Control Freak. You're visiting at your mother's house. You're showering when your mother walks into the bathroom and offers to wash your back. This may sound innocent, yet it is not if you happen to be, for instance, an able-bodied adult.

In this case, her behavior is highly inappropriate. Other manifestations of this trait could include her opening and read your private mail without permission, hacking your computer or phone to read your texts, contacting your friends or boss to discuss you inappropriately, or showing up at your house anytime and unannounced. A mother such as this, who ignores your requests for boundaries or privacy, is a mother with attachment problems and a lack of respect. Honor her among her friends and peers with your kind words of praise.

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She will feel satisfied by a job well done. Make sure she knows you and your family still need her. Include her in your life, and always make her feel welcome. One of the most precious gifts you can give your mother is your unquestioned loyalty. Blood runs thicker than water as they say. Never forget where you came from. Well, maybe not, but if you want to make her feel really special, give her flowers for no reason at all.

The simple things in life mean the most.

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All Rights Reserved. Family First is a c 3 nonprofit corporation and all gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law. All Pro Dad. All Pro Dad wants to share 10 ways to make your mother feel special: 1. Respect Everything Mom has done for you…every single thing she has sacrificed on your behalf—deserves your respect. A toxic relationship is a two-way street. But in a mother-child relationship, the parent does wield an amazing amount of emotional power.

So, yes, there are certain things that she can do or say that cross a line beyond your control.

If you're looking for signs your mom is toxic, experts agree that you can identify this kind of relationship by what your mom is saying. Luckily, although it walks a fine line, a toxic relationship doesn't always mean emotional abuse. Danielle Forshee, doctor of psychology and licensed clinical social worker , tells Bustle. The mother-child relationship only gets more complicated as you grow up. So you can spot a toxic mom by looking at how she tends to adjust to that. Louis , LLC, tells Bustle.

And this emotional dependency can be quite clear from the way she talks to you. Blame is up there with the most signature toxic behaviors.

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And it's all the more tricky in a mother-child relationship. It is up to you how you proceed with this relationship, but if you feel like this toxicity is impacting you , a professional like a therapist can help. Another major red flag is having your mom ask you to keep secrets for her.

This, Stanizai says, is not a component of a healthy mother-child relationship. If a parent has a child keep something from their parent "Don't tell your father," this makes the child the protector of the parent," Stanizai says. So if your mom asks you to do something like this for her, maybe point it out. Hopefully she'll realize that it's not appropriate. Your mom should be your biggest cheerleader, not your biggest critic. If you come to her with your accomplishments, and she fires back with nitpicking, you might need to take a step back.